Parker's Thoughts
Parker watches a fight at school.
Parker's Thoughts
"Are you going to the game?" ""
Parker's Thoughts
Parker sits backstage, contemplating her journey thus far.
This is the Official Website of Pseudo Projects, a brand new cinema production company. Created by Timothy Baker, Pseudo Projects creates New Art for a New Age. Also, we like puns! So if you know any good ones, no crap ones, let us know!
On a more serious note, Pseudo Projects has a code of artistic integrity, but also of compromise. Art, especially film, is a collaboration. Far few painters make his/her own canvasses, paintbrush, or paint, neither does a filmmaker entirely make his/her film. Collaboration is a necessity, but so is integrity. We don't make sellout films or movies for which the only purpose is to make money. These are projects that come from the heart, with a whole lot of art, that we believe in and want to pursue fully.
If you visit the Projects page, you'll see the first completed work: Parker's Thoughts. If you select the second tab under Projects, you will find descriptions of our next few projects, scripts, and ideas that will be up next for consideration for production. Again: welcome and thank you for visiting our site!